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Korea Subway Positioning System

Final Demo page


This is my experimental result about subway positioning system. In Korea, some local governments construct a bus positioning system and provide real time bus positions to public. It is really useful when you wait a bus in a bus station.

Seoul Bus Information System

Seoul bus.png

Gyungi Bus Information System


However, subway is a different story. I am pretty sure that a subway operator has a system which estimates where each subway is, because it shows when the next station arrives in a station inside.

Next train.png

But they do not provide any OpenAPI system so that 3rd party developers can make a useful application with real time positions of subways.

Therefore, I try to estimate a real time position of each subway. The idea is simple. A subway in Korea arrives at and departs from a station in time exactly in most cases. Using this timetable and positions of each station, we can estimate the positions of subways in that time. Here are my progresses.


2009. 11. 15

Timetable station.png

2009. 11. 16

Timetable train.png

2009. 11. 25

  • Positions of junction stations which have more than one position are corrected by refineStationInfo.php (currently, the update behavior is blocked).

2009. 12. 02

  • Smart UI is appended.
    • You can choose each subway line in which you want to check the current positions of subways.
    • Status (stop or remaining time for departing) of a train which stops at a station is displayed.


To do list

(writing now..)

  • Incorrect path information of a train...
  • sql information must be provided...